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Posted by TelephoneClock - February 13th, 2012

All the single ladies

Posted by TelephoneClock - December 19th, 2010


Posted by TelephoneClock - August 26th, 2010

And though I can safely say that none of here truly condone the mistreatment and harassment of Clocks, I would also like to remind everyone that this is a


That's right, it's a double holiday, all the way, across the sky! What does this mean??? It means that it is also one PirateClock's birthday! Let's give him a hand, everybody! Anyway, I made a flash for this special occasion, so stay tuned!

Posted by TelephoneClock - August 16th, 2010

Happy Clock Day everybody!

Posted by TelephoneClock - July 11th, 2010

I thought up the idea far too late and now it's going to be a not robot day movie but it will be good nonetheless!

Posted by TelephoneClock - February 18th, 2010

Unaccounted for conditions that tend to congregate towards a pile of dissatisfaction and complacent office activities add to a depth of sudden and excruciating endowment, thus preparing the national collective to usher in a new era of even and equal employment among its residencies, and thereby inebriating the draft of heretofore unknown liabilities, rendering them capable not only of the amendments granted unto themselves, but also predicting and neutralizing the common grounds of municipality and general associative properties of parent companies. It is under these assumptions that the rationalization of industrial standards, coupled with the fact that the decline of certain jurisdictions among the relative principle of these conditions, concede to understanding the common interest in these parent companies, generates a general feeling of misappropriation of the funds regarded, as well as the latency of using these jurisdictions as a crutch, so to speak, of academic and capitalistic overages of said conditions. Therefore, we must accentuate the position of relative endowment, lest the perpetrators of these intolerable inquisitions adhere to the very essence of these regional liberties, and access the underlying structures of these understandable yet incoherent amenities. Not to mention the infrastructure of said amenities. As it stands, the deductible reasoning behind this claim lends us to believe that the constitutional reciprocals of these positions lead to unsatisfactory conditions among its peers, including, but not limited to, gratification, unorthodox personification, and ritualistic associative conglomerates. However, understanding the logical principles behind the radical insertions, we can isolate the promiscuous intentions of anti-political dissertations and enable our freedom of constitutional substitution to usher in an understanding of each other. Thank you.

Posted by TelephoneClock - December 14th, 2009